“I am now more confident that the experiences that form my identity are legitimate. I am able to understand this by hearing other people talking about their life. Before, DD I was not confident that my identity was worth talking about because I did not see my experiences as real or as important as other people’s, especially since other people talk about how their identity was more impactful day to day. Now I do not feel the same way.”

– Student Participant Spring 2017

Are you interested in offering your course with a paired Different Dialogue component?

We are looking for faculty interested in partnering with us to bring the intergroup dialogue experience to the curricular, and integrate these important, reflective discussions with academic course content.

Our team will work with you to support the incorporation of the intergroup dialogue component based on how you see A Different Dialogue best fitting into your course. We will also pair you with trained Georgetown staff facilitators who will host the dialogue sessions with your students in tandem with the course offering.

This overview document provides more information on this opportunity. Please reach out to us with any questions and or to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration!