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A Different Dialogue

A space to get to know more about yourself and others


The Staff Facilitator Experience
Fall, 2012

The Student Facilitator Experience
Fall, 2016

Office of the Provost: Learning to Understand Others
Fall, 2016

A Different Dialogue Facilitator Experience
Fall, 2014

A Different Dialogue 2013

Report a Bias Related Incident

Any member of the university community can make a report about a possible bias related incident.


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Dialogue \ˈdī-ə-ˌlȯg, -ˌläg\ (noun): a) a conversation between two or more persons, b) an exchange of ideas and opinions, c) a conversation between representatives of parties who have a history of conflict that is aimed at resolution.

A Different Dialogue \ˈā\ \ˈdi-fərnt, ˈdi-f(ə-)rənt\ \ˈdī-ə-ˌlȯg, -ˌläg\ (noun): a) multi-faceted and rewarding exchange between students of all backgrounds, b) Georgetown University’s diversity and inclusiveness initiative that brings together undergraduate students to discuss promoting, fostering and sustaining diversity, c) a conversation between soon to be friends

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Director of A Different Dialogue, Ester Sihite, at es1444@georgetown.edu.